The Little Wolf Diaries :: One year on

Okay, so just in case your human and crazy minds think that I am one, or something like that, stop there. SOMETHING turned one. What I mean is that one month ago my blog turned one. My widdle baby blog. Looking back at the year gone by now there are many things that I have learnt, and things that I realise that I need to learn, so I thought that if I wanted to change, I need to say it out loud and proud, so here I go.

To make myself seem more confident and feel more confident, I will state what I have learnt. Preparation, be prepared, have your photos ready, have blog posts ready months before hand. I didn’t follow this all the time but again, there are things that I still need to learn. Writing, okay, I have always been a bit of a creative writer. All my teachers tell me that my essays are always a bit dramatic…. hey, you can’t please everyone. I am more confident, I write quicker and everything comes easier.

Alright, I feel more confident now, so what do I have to work on? Blogging more often. My blog, which is something I love tends to take the back seat… Church and faith life, school and life, in general, tends to get in the way. So I will try harder to blog more often. Um, being prepared more often. I know I mentioned this before, buuuut… no one is perfect. Doing more craft posts! Craft and design were the goals for this blog and it tends to get shoved behind in the rush to get a post out!

Okay, so here you go. It’s not everything that I need to work on buuut it’s a start.

If there is something that I need to work on the comment below, or email me via


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