Life :: Dealing with exam blues

If you are in highschool, or year 10-12 you are most probably chin deep in studying and exam prep. More often than not you get stressed, even when at the beginning of this time your told yourself you wouldn’t. You find yourself crying at the smallest thing, you lose whatever social life you had during the school year. The key to surviving these weeks (for me it will be three very, very, very loooong weeks) are finding the things that you love and finding time to do so. Here are my (and some of my friends) top 10 tips to beating the exam blues…

Tip 1 :: Find music that helps you study. I recommend soundtrack music. I am enjoying all the soundtrack music from the James Bond movie’s (the year 2000 + ones that is). This music is simple with a beat to it and will not distract you but there are a few lyrical pieces thrown in there to shake it up a bit.

Life :: Dealing with the exam bluesTip 2 :: Make a timetable. This will help your prioritize what you do. Use a simple table chart from word (or use this one here)

Keep studying on trackTip 3 :: Journal away. What do I mean by this? In the weeks before the exams or major assessments start a journal, either a diary, a gratitude journal, a journal bible, anything. You can use this to write down quotes that define how you want to feel in certain situations, or bible quotes on how you should deal with things like stress or hardship.

Tip 4 :: Be Social. Don’t become a recluse, go out for coffee dates between exams, go out for lunch, go shopping! Do anything that will take your mind off the stress of the exams.

Tip 5 :: Sleep it off. Get as much sleep as you can because trust me, you will need it!

Dealing with exam bluesTip 6 :: Bring on the bookworm. Read! This will help you escape the stress of exams. Recommendations? “The Rapunzel Dilemma”, “All Fall down”, and the “Young Sherlock” series. All short (relatively) and sweet.

Tip 7 :: Craft and create. Sketch, paint, sew, knit, crochet. Anything that will keep you busy so that you don’t dwell on stressful thoughts.

Craft and CreateTip 8 :: Give the worry warts the cold shoulder. Alright, that sounds downright strange but hear me out. Nothing helps your situation when you are listening to someone else stress, if they are talking about how they are sure to fail the test, how they haven’t done any study, anything. If they are stressed, you will get stressed. The solution, ignore or walk away.

Tip 9 :: Eat healthy! Avoid as much fatty food as you can. This will keep you awake and prevent you from growing tired and sluggish.

dealing with exam bluesTip 10 :: Keep your fitness up! Either go for a run or play a sport, keeping yourself fit and healthy will do you good mentally and physically. Doing sport or anything that is physically draining will clear your mind and help you get your thoughts straight.

keep away the exam blues

If there are any other ways that you can keep up with your exams, keep awake and being able to deal with the stress with exams comment below or email me via


Life :: Keep studying on track

Keep studying on trackIf you are a student doing your exams (like me *sigh*) than you are more than likely finding it hard to slot in time to study everything and do anything else that you want to do. (Note: When studying for exams also find some time for yourself, this way you won’t get as stressed!). Here is a handy tool to help you do so! A study timetable (ba dum dish!). Yeah, I know, not so original right? But think about it, how else do you find time to do everything and keep on track?

I hereby present this gorgeous (If I don’t say so myself) timetable! It is available in portrait and (when I get it done) another version in landscape will be coming soon!

Keep studying on track

Exam Study table

My tips for using this? Laminate it and you can use it again, or print out a couple of copies! When you are filling it in, use different coloured pens or highlighters to help you tell the difference between everything (i.e. exam, study day, homework or what to study)!

If you have any tips on how to make studying simpler, comment below or email me at

Craft and Create :: Embroidery Template

Create :: Embroidery Template

Recently I gave embroidery another go and I am happy to say that it was a rather smashing success! This embroidery design is inspired by one of my favourite bible quotes: “Praise the Lord oh my soul” .After hearing some great feed back after I posted a picture of it on instagram I have decided to computerise (easier said than done) the design and make a free template of it (my first freebie! Yay!). There is no set style for this embroidery pattern, you can take pieces out and even add stuff in! Have fun!

Craft :: Embroidery TemplateCreate :: Embroidery Template

Hope you have a lot of fun stitching this design up! When you are done, take a pic of your embroidery and post on instagram with the tag #littlewolvesnco #littlewolfmakes and tag me into the phone (littlewolvesnco)

If you have any ideas for a cool embroidery design, have your own embroidery styles or have anything to say about this one comment below or email me via

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