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This is going to be a wordless post (well not exactly wordless; you are going to have to let me blab a little bit). Why? Because I want to leave enough room for awe and wonder to fill the small dark places in your mind. Was that poetic? I don’t know.

Now, go turn the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and prepare yourself for pure magic.

Thorn Crown Chapel

This is Thorncrown Chapel, in Eureka Springs, America. The creator, the retired school teacher Jim Reed intended this beautiful structure to bring his friends and complete strangers “closer to God.”

And who couldn’t?Thorn Crown Chapel

Thorn Crown Chapel

Thorn Crown Chapel

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Artist Profile :: Anna Bond

Well you have probably heard the name “Rifle Paper Co.” If you haven’t look it up this instant because you are missing out on a little, well actually a big smack bang piece of beauty in this world. They make a design things from personalised stationary to calenders and even coasters! And if you know about Rifle Paper Coyou would probably know about Anna Bond, the owner and creative director.

She started her Business in 2009 with the vision of brightening the world with her beautiful vintage paper creations. Her whismical, detailed and colourful paintings paved the way for stationary today.

Her artworks range from wallpaperStationarybusiness cards,  and books.

Untitled design


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Artist Profile : Anna Emilia Laitinen

Anna Emilia Laitinen is an artist and Illustrator from Tampere, Finland. She is the creator of many beautiful pieces of artwork, most of which are commissioned for books, magazines, album covers and private portraits. Some of her prints (mostly artworks and greeting cards) can be found here.

Anna’s says that her art and journals are “weather diaries of colours, wind speed, and sounds under her feet”.

My favorite artwork from her collection is “In meadow”  (Wood sorrel, forget-me-not, twinflower, harebell and meadow pea are the scent of this small meadow. Some birch tree leaves, a handful of clovers and a gentle summer wind is here with sunshine) This peice is from her Blooming Meadow” Collection.

e0c377bf1b0f4dcb397714272e8b452eHer other collections include:

“Meadow Girls”

Autumn Dreams (for the ones who want to sleep over the cold months. Heaps of blankets, candle light, scent of pine and cones. Wind outside, warm inside. Sweet dreaming)


And her “To send away” Collection, which features greeting cards, birthday cards and the like.

Forest Cuckoo (Birds are gathering for a night lullaby in a nearby forest. Different songs make a mellow melody with the wind in the leaves of the trees. Some wings flapping, branches swaying. Feathers floating high in the air. Melodies echoing. A greeting card)


Well there you have it. I hope her artwork brings a nice big smile to your face, just as it did for me.

Keeks XX

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