The Little Wolf Diaries :: Friend Appreciation

I don’t know about you but I don’t know what I would do without my bestie. Whenever Sam is sick on a school day (or having a mental health day… oh admit it you had them to) I feel lost and as though someone wrenched my brain out through my nose (sorry but I wanted to be detailed).

Friend appreciationTo some, friendship is under-rated. Just a shoulder to cry on, or someone to use. They hide things from you, they gossip with you and they gossip about you. I’m sure we have all had that friend. You feel used and get sick of them quickly. You may also find that it makes you crabby and generally unpleasant. These friends are not bringing out the best in you.

If you find yourself in this sort of situation or relationship and you know it, maybe it is time to move on. This is always hard. How do you end a friendship? I am sorry but I do not have an answer for that,  and in the past, I wish I did.  But when you do, and when you form new friendships, that are hopefully stronger and healther, trust me, you wont regret it.

friendship appreciationBut what are friends really for? Are they just a like minded girl (or guy) that you can hang out with? Well, they are! But they are so much more. They are people with whom you can trust to pull you up when you do something wrong, or someone you can trust to keep your secrets, someone to support you in the hard times and someone to be with in the good times.

If you want a great book about friendships read “How to be a best friend forever” by Dr. John Townsend. You can read this book in a night (okay maybe in a weekend to be generous) and you will love it.

Thoughtful thursday :: Friendship

This book is all about how to make sure that you are in a healthy relationship and what you can do to make it better. It even touches on Social Media and friendships, telling the truth and being honest with your BFF.

appreciating friendships

You can read more about “How to be a best friend forever” on the Girls of Grace Blog.

So, lets appreciate our besties, and not only them! All friends! Thankyou

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Colour Me Inspired :: Colour of the Month!

Drum roll please…. The colour of the month is… Pink!

Colour of the Month header image

Okay, I know that not everyone is a pink person. I am,  one of them and I have my reasons. At the moment the flowers in our garden are blooming, resulting in bunches through the house and a very colourful garden.

Colour of the month

The Roses are beautiful at this time of year, and the best of which are the mahogany icebergs and the “Opa Rose”. Yes, it is a strange name for a rose I know but we named it that after Mum got it from my Aunty after my Opa died. We still don’t know the actual name of the rose, so Opa Rose has stuck.

Rose - Colour of the month

Yes, I know they don’t always bud, and they can be a bit hard to grow but aren’t they the cutest? Delicate and gorgeous these come in a range of colours and obviously, pink!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.45.08 pm

Now, for some reason most of my (and mums, sorry mum) scarves are pink (or purple). I have no problem with this of course as I have a tendency to wear them (and mums).

Scarf - Colour of the month

Colour of the month

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The Little Wolf Diaries:: Exam and Study Tips

Exam and Study Tips

What inspired me to write this you ask? Exams, that is was inspired me! Exams aren’t fun, but studying can be. That didn’t sound right did it? Well, it is right. Studying can be fun if you do it right.

First we start with the Note Taking. If you do not do this part right, there is no point to your studying. Make sure, if possible, to write down the information in your own words. This makes it easier to understand if it is in your lingo, and not that of your freaky “Vocab way to big for me” History teacher. Also, include the correct information, colour coordinate the notes and leave spaces for corrections. As I said, do this correct and you will be good.

Exam and Study Tips

Next is the Note Making. This is why you have to take notes correctly. When you make your final notes, the notes that you took in the class have to legible and easy enough to re-write and make study questions from. This is also the time to collaborate your ideas and get more information either from your teacher, other students (just check it first) or even the web (don’t even think about Wikipedia).

Also, make sure in your study process that you Interact with your notes. Write questions about it, make mind maps and flashcards to help you learn more. Also to help you study, make a timetable help you stay on track, and even a checklist. List are actually scientifically proven to help us work well! (Bet ya didn’t know that!)

Exam and Study Tips

And finally, Reflecting. When I say this I mean, take all your previous assignments, tests whatever and see what the teacher has said about your work. Make sure you try and work on these issues because it will make a big difference in your exam.

This is just a summary of the ways you can use your notes and lift those marks, there are so many others out there.

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