Faith :: Everything for the better

Have you ever dealt with the death of a parent or grandparent, maybe a brother or sister. If you have you know all to well the grief and the sorrow that comes with it. Last year my opa (grandparent to all you normal people) (we are dutch heritage if you must know) passed away after a long and hard battle with lung cancer. He was an amazing man, he taught me so much and there isn’t a day that I don’t think about him. But now, a year or so on from his death I look back and see that he taught me so many things when he was sick, that I should put others first, see how they are, to stay strong, to always rely on God and to see the good that is coming from the bad times.

FaithThe biggest lesson though would have to be that everything works out for the better. Most of you out there would be surprised to hear that, and maybe even shocked but now looking back I can see that I became a better person. Yes, one of the people who I loved most in my life died and I there is now a hole in my life that would never be filled but through this I have learnt how to truly understand what people are going through, and how to console them, and allow them to see that everything works out for the better. Two days ago a dear friend of mine lost his opa suddenly. Because I to have lost a grandparent, I know what he is going through and I know what he needs most at this time.

fatihSomething that I have also learnt through this experience is that we as Christians grieve with hope. Sounds funny right? It isn’t though. What I mean here is that we grieve with sadness but at the same time, we grieve with the hope that we will one day see our loved ones in heaven when all grief, hurt and pain no longer haunts us.

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Faith :: My journal Bible

To some journal bibles are a new fad, that it would fade, but what many don’t know is that this ‘fad’ has been around for a very long time. Personally I do not believe that it is a fad but instead it is like any normal bible study, just aimed at the more creative believers. If you do not know what journal bibles are exactly, it is a bible that has a wider margin on both sides, this allows for note taking, scrapbooking, drawing and sketching, any way that helps you remind yourself of what God is doing for you and what you need to do more in your life. Personally I do not like the scrapbooking style, I believe that this kind of defeats the purpose of the bible itself as by the end of it you can’t read what is said.

Here are some questions that I have been asked recently about journal bibles and my journal bible.

Faith :: my journal bible

Where did you get it from? My journal bible was gifted to me by my amazing mumma. She got it through book depositry. This bible was ordered through book depositry and had to be ordered from London because they are so popular here down under!

How do I use my journal bible? I write notes in it either during the sermon, bible study club or when I read or hear something that is important to me. When I am done writing notes I will add a bit of colour either through highlighting important verses or doing a drawing at the bottom of the page. The drawings that I do do not really have to match the verse but I do botanicle or floral drawings that really amplify God’s beautiful creation.

What do you need? There are no set requirements with your journal bible. It is all about what you want to get out of it, do you want to inspire people or yourself? Do you want to remind yourself of the things you need to become better at? What do I use? A simple ink joy black pen, fabre castle pencils in a range of colours, rubber, sharpener and for writing notes I use pocket scrapbook cards.

My journal bible

Is there a theme to what I do? At the moment yes. I am doing a “BE” series. This series focuses on things that I have to BE, be humble, by truthful, be honest, be peaceful, what ever I struggle with or that I need to be better at, but more on that later.

What translation is it? Most bibles today are either found in NKJV and NIV (New King James Version and New International Version) but the latest version and my favorite is the ESV (English Standard Version), similar to the NIV but not much different from the more commonly used NKJV.

Anything that I don’t like about it? I love all of it, I wouldn’t change anything, I wouldn’t add anything! Love love love it the way it is!

faith :: my journal bible

So here you go! Journal bibles are not exactly cheap, I got mine through book depositry for $40 but it is all worth it!

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Faith :: It’s Alright

Today I was sitting there doing my homework and was listening to some tunes. After hearing Justin Biebers latest song (pretty good I must say) I decided to turn of iTunes radio and listen to some of my own music. I had my music on shuffle, and after to flicking through the latest “Hermitude” album I came “It’s Alright” by Brandon Heath. Here are the lyrics:

Tiny boat on an angry sea
Sails torn and tattered
How could Jesus be fast asleep
Like it doesn’t matter?
Soon as He opens His eyes
The storm just dies

It’s alright, everything will be okay
You just hold tight, I’ll be with you the whole way
When you’re weak, I’ll be strong
Keep going, we’re almost home
It’s alright, everything will be okay

Mother Mary’s got a broken heart
From the words they’re saying
Her baby boy’s being torn apart
By the world He’s saving
He says, Mother, don’t cry for me
You know where I’ll be

It’s alright, everything will be okay
You just hold tight, I’ll be with you the whole way
When you’re weak, I’ll be strong
Keep going, we’re almost home
It’s alright, everything will be okay, everything will be okay

No promise of an easy road
Just a destination
Next time you forget your hope
Somebody’s waiting
Soon as you open your eyes, you’ll realize

It’s alright, everything will be okay
Just hold tight, I’ll be with you the whole way
When you’re weak, He’ll be strong
Keep going, you’re almost home
When you’re weak, He is strong
Keep going, you’re almost home
It’s alright, everything will be okay

Pretty beautiful hey? Just ponder on those words for a while.

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